• Packages Available

Turf Rental

  • October – March

    Full Field (60 Minutes)

Turf Rental

  • April – September

    Half Field/Full Field (60 Minutes)

Other Events

  • On Request


Field Size: 200’ x 85′

New Rubber Infill Astro Turf (2021)

Steel exterior walls with surrounding tempered glass

4 Locker rooms with player benches

Elevated spectator area

Address 3323 7th Street, Whitehall PA 18052


Facility Photos
Rink Dimensions


Field Size: 180’ x 90′

New Rubber Infill Astro Turf (2022)

2 Locker rooms with player benches

Onfield spectator area

Address 3321 7th Street, Whitehall PA 18052 (located directly behind the Rink) 

Facility Photos
Field Dimensions


Goals/Nets provided upon request

Athletes must check-in every time before participating on the turf field

Rubber cleats or athletic sneakers are recommended on the playing surface. NO metal cleats.

Full time staff will be on site to assist with any questions or accommodations.

Online Waiver
Policy & Procedures


The Sports Center offers a variety of events and opportunities for our customers. We have specific rules, guidelines and Code of Conduct in place to ensure an excellent experience for all.

  • The facilities are a tobacco/alcohol-free facility. Any use of those products will not be permitted inside the facility or in our parking lot.
  • No food or drinks are permitted on the turf field. That includes chewing gum or sunflower seeds.
  • Spectators are not allowed on the playing field. No climbing on the walls or hanging from the nets will be tolerated.
  • No unauthorized marking of the field (ie. tape, chalk, paint) at any time. The use of additional equipment (ie. goals, supplies) on the field is restricted, unless approved by staff prior.
  • No disrespecting of players or referees will be tolerated. No profanity, fighting or inappropriate music will be tolerated..
  • Participants must be fully clothed at all times including shirts, pants, and appropriate footwear.
  • Sports Turf is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen, or damaged. Customers are encouraged to leave valuables at home and lock personal items in a locker while utilizing the facility.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to follow or adhere to the above guidelines and/or the direction of the facility staff will result in dismissal from the facility, revocation of membership and or judicial referral. Report all maintenance issues, emergencies, vandalism, or misuse of facilities immediately to the front desk or call 610-351-0352.